Cape Town

Home. Is there only one place we can call home? And how does it feel to return home after many years? Finding traces of South Africa on my trip to London in January made me think about my return to Cape Town in March 2015. Right in the student revolution. There aren't any pictures of… Continue reading Cape Town

Reading The World

This post is about a new years resolution that will hopefully widen my horizons: I want to read books from all around the world!  Have you ever been wondering why most education systems include mostly U.S. or U.K. books in English literature courses? I found it rather strange to see that my English course hardly… Continue reading Reading The World


2017 is still fresh. For me it all started with a journey to the UK. The first two days were dedicated to exploring the city with as special person. It's amazing how traveling in my own pace and discovering surroundings with excitement can connect me to my child self again... Past, present and future connect… Continue reading London

Rethink Feminism!

Performances are not carved in stone, made for eternity like statues - but wait... are statues really made for eternity? And which memory will last: The white male colonialist's statue or the victorious black female body? One thing is for sure: Sethembile Msezane's performance "Chapungu - The Day Rhodes Fell" accompanying the removal of the… Continue reading Rethink Feminism!

Living Between Worlds

Molweni! I am super happy to be introducing you to my blog about the colorful things in my world. Intersectional feminism, anthropology studies, my spiritual values as a Baha'í and traveling between old and new homes shape the ideas I want to share with you. I am a collector of stories, weaving them together to… Continue reading Living Between Worlds