Minimalist Abundance

I've been a collector all my life. As a child my toy box was bursting with small colorful things; I would keep all the things I found in nature, especially chestnuts, and combine Lego with Christmas tree decoration and cheap plastic giveaway toys. It was a creative, colorful childhood. Material things can make you happy… Continue reading Minimalist Abundance


2017 is still fresh. For me it all started with a journey to the UK. The first two days were dedicated to exploring the city with as special person. It's amazing how traveling in my own pace and discovering surroundings with excitement can connect me to my child self again... Past, present and future connect… Continue reading London

Living Between Worlds

Molweni! I am super happy to be introducing you to my blog about the colorful things in my world. Intersectional feminism, anthropology studies, my spiritual values as a Baha'í and traveling between old and new homes shape the ideas I want to share with you. I am a collector of stories, weaving them together to… Continue reading Living Between Worlds