Living Between Worlds


I am super happy to be introducing you to my blog about the colorful things in my world. Intersectional feminism, anthropology studies, my spiritual values as a Baha’í and traveling between old and new homes shape the ideas I want to share with you.

I am a collector of stories, weaving them together to visible fabrics with unique patterns. I am a listener and a writer – searching for things that unite us in this world. It’s an ongoing process of learning – and the world, YOU are my teacher!

Grown up in Germany, raised by a Polish mother (going back to the roots and relearning the language? – in progress!), fallen in love with South Africa living there at different points in my life, I cannot have one home only. My memories are a prism glass showing me a rainbow of interconnections, making it clear that all differences are made up categories in our minds. Necessary for us to structure our thoughts like the names we give colors, but definitely flexible, never fixed. In Xhosa ‘Uluhlaza’ means both ‘green’ and ‘blue’. We need to name colors to be able to communicate and do so differently, but underlying all this is the same beautiful rainbow.

I want to explore identity in this blog, share art I find inspiring and talk about the things that set my soul on fire.

Are you coming with me on this journey?


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